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Use powerful business intelligence to understand your data

Make your management information work for you. Everything you need from financial data, resource utilisation and retention figures are only a click away.
Reports and eyeQ modules
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The modules Reports and eyeQ deliver powerful analysis and business intelligence functions, enabling operators and clubs to query their data and identify trends to make strategic decisions.

What can reports do?
  • Analyse customer demographics
  • Explore membership attrition & retention
  • Discover financial trends
  • Report on income & usage
  • Calculate attendance trends and patterns
  • Monitor subscription volumes against KPI’s
  • Make decisions around viability of classes & courses
  • Investigate utilisation of resources
Business Process Manager (BPM)
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Every business would like to reduce overheads and increase customer spend through automated processes. BPM offers exactly that plus the opportunity to communicate to your members based on your own business requirements to create unique advantage.

Scenarios you might consider
  • Locate all records with an AUDDIS cancellation flag and carry out a set of configured rules against the individual records

  • Inform members of outstanding debts or wish them a happy birthday, you can set up automated processes to email the relevant members

Bespoke Data Consultancy

We can help with big data input and data manipulation services.  Our data privacy accredited consultants, can work with you to perform large scale imports and updates straight into your live system.

If the data has been captured our team will enable you to extract meaningful insights from it.

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“Switching to Gladstone has allowed activeNewham to benefit from efficiencies and become an extremely agile business responding quickly to what our customers need.”

Keiron Butcher, IT & Communications Director, activeNewham

“The software, support and professional services we receive from Gladstone are always of a high quality. Any questions or issues we may have are resolved quickly and efficiently. It is also refreshing to see that Gladstone listen and involve its customers when developing new software solutions.”

Stuart Fairbairn, ICT Manager, Edinburgh Leisure

"Gladstone360 is the beginning of the next generation of Gladstone’s leisure management software, creating a robust and futureproof platform based on modern web technologies. It is both customer and user-focused in equal measure and paves the way for continued and exciting future development."

Ed Dark, IT Manager, LED Leisure Management


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