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Flexible Access Control with RFID, gates and Kiosk

Proximity RFID is a faster, more robust, secure and reliable form of ID than traditional plastic cards.

RFID tokens can perform more functions including: access control, cashless payments, locker control and fitness kit login With our latest software you can issue Multiple ID’s to a single member. This means you can gradually migrate to RFID, offering members the choice of an upgrade, while creating a new revenue stream for you in the process.

Available as branded cards, keyfobs, mobile phone stickers or wristbands, our RFID solutions give your member the freedom to interact with you, the way they want to, while promoting your brand.

  • Add Configurable Touchscreens to your access control to gather additional visit data by asking quick, simple questions prior to access.
  • Deploy System Monitor to self-police entry via prominent photo display screens or monitor access in back office displays.
  • Install Kiosk to enable self-service, including: bookings, check-in, payments and even cashless account top up.

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Change is coming

From March 2017 the pound coin changes, we can help you with locker management solutions and keyless entry.


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Kiosk & Access Control

Getting customers into your facility quickly is key, each company we work with can help you get your users through faster and more efficiently.

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“Switching to Gladstone has allowed activeNewham to benefit from efficiencies and become an extremely agile business responding quickly to what our customers need.”

Keiron Butcher, IT & Communications Director, activeNewham

“The software, support and professional services we receive from Gladstone are always of a high quality. Any questions or issues we may have are resolved quickly and efficiently. It is also refreshing to see that Gladstone listen and involve its customers when developing new software solutions.”

Stuart Fairbairn, ICT Manager, Edinburgh Leisure

"Gladstone360 is the beginning of the next generation of Gladstone’s leisure management software, creating a robust and futureproof platform based on modern web technologies. It is both customer and user-focused in equal measure and paves the way for continued and exciting future development."

Ed Dark, IT Manager, LED Leisure Management


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